Bale animator speaks to MOTD!

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''Richard Swarbrick ''chats to us about becoming an Internet sensation!

Richard, we love your Gareth Bale vid – how did you do it?

Richard says: “First I got the original footage and cut it to music and then, using a Wacom tablet and pen which plugs into my computer, I traced the images using a special computer program called Photoshop!”

That must take ages?

Richard says:“I was asked this before and I said it took 35 hours, but I only worked out how long it took me to do each drawing and then added it up. I reckon it actually took about 45 hours. If I do another one I might time it!”

Why did you choose Bale?

Richard says: “I’m a Tottenham fan and I was really inspired by the games against Inter Milan. When I looked on YouTube I saw that there were no videos of the two games edited together so I thought it would be a nice idea to do an animation!”

Will you be doing any more?

Richard says: “Yes. I’m in talks with a TV company that want me to do something and I’m in the process of getting an agent. It’s been a crazy few weeks, I never thought the Bale video would be so popular!”

Will you do a special one if Tottenham win the Champions League?

Richard says: “I probably will actually. If we win the Champions League I don’t think I’d be able to resist!”

The Gareth Bale video will be shown at Kicking and Screening, a film festival which raises money for blind footballers!

Click here to watch the Gareth Bale video again!

Download the song from the video, Cinematic Balloons, for free here

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