Nikita Parris Interview!

In: Premier League

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We speak exclusively to the Man. City and England ace!

Hi Nikita! Why should more girls get into football?

Nikita says: “It’s a great opportunity to be able to further yourself. There’s a clear pathway these days for girls to reach the top. It’s also the most sociable sport – I’ve met friends for life in football!”

What’s your advice for young readers who are nervous about playing the game?

Nikita says: “No matter what people say, it’s about showing your talent and being confident you can deliver. Everyone has nerves, but show what you can do and they’ll get behind you!”

What are your earliest memories of playing football?

Nikita says: “The first day I walked in the youth club – we had an indoor game called Shooties, which is a one-v-one two-touch shooting game. I won my first game against a boy two years older than me!”

How did you practise scoring goals as a kid?

Nikita says: “I used to take shots in my street, using my neighbour’s gate as a target. They weren’t happy about it! We used to put our coats down on the floor, too – but my mum would go mad about that!”

How can MOTD readers hit the back of the net more?

Nikita says: “It’s all about practice – like our Same Goals campaign says. Practice in any way, whether it’s in your living room against the couch or in your back garden. Just make sure to keep hitting the target!”

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