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He's our Young Star of the Month for January!

How does it feel to be named Young Star of the Month?

Sean says: "The last month or so has been great for me. As much as it's my award, it's a culmination of a lot of people helping me to get to this stage!"

You're also being added to the Match Attax extra collection!

Sean says: "That's pretty crazy! I've pushed on and moved forward a lot, so that'd be pretty cool. My cousin still collects them so I can only imagine what it would be like to see his face if he opened a pack and he saw my face on one of the cards!"

Were you annoyed your jink around Virgil van Dijk didn't make the Match of the Day highlights cut after your debut at Anfield on Boxing Day?

Sean says: "Haha! A little bit, yeah! We only had a couple of chances in the game so I thought I was definitely going to get on [the MOTD highlights] on my debut, but it wasn't to be. But the whole experience of that day, and to be on the pitch with some of those players, was amazing and if that had somehow gone in, it would have just capped off what was a great day for me!"

Where will you keep the award?

Sean says: "Me and my brother [Matthew, who plays for Newcastle's U-23s] have a little trophy room where we've got all the trophies from when we were little kids, so it'll probably end up going in that room. My dad [David, who played ice hockey for Great Britain] has some stuff up in that room as well, so hopefully over the years we can add more stuff to it!"

Read more from Sean and see his picture with the award in today's MOTD!



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