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EXCLUSIVE Oleksandr Zinchenko and Brahim Diaz interviews!

Man.City sent some players back to school last week!

Why have you visited Ashbury Meadow Community Primary School today?

Zinchenko says: “We came to judge some poems that the children wrote about diversity as part of the Premier League Writing Stars poetry competition!”

Diaz says: “We also talked about diversity and different cultures!”

Why is it important for kids to learn about diversity?

Diaz says: “They need to be able to adapt to every culture and understand the point of view of the people around them!”

Were you impressed by the poems?

Diaz says: “I love children and I particularly enjoyed seeing the children rap, they were brilliant, it’s been a great experience!”

Zinchenko says: “The creativity they showed in their poems was incredible, it was so hard to select the winning team!”

Were you talented with writing when you were at school?

Zinchenko says: “It’s hard to remember because it was such a long time ago!”

Do you like doing a bit of rapping yourself?

Zinchenko says: “No chance! I did it just once in Russian, but that was the first and last time!”

Can you see the impact that these type of events have on children?

Diaz says: “Yes, surely. It is such a pleasure for us to be here. We need to be good role models!”

The Premier League Writing Stars competition closes this Friday 21 December! Teachers must submit the original poems, which can be in any form including lyrics or a rap, by post or online at!

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