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City's sick playmaker tells us how he became a Prem Champion!

When you started at Genk as a teenager, were you a CM or a winger?

De Bruyne says: “I would guess that the only time that I played centrally was the last part of my career in Genk. They always said I was too young, too skinny to handle the physicality at that time!”

You’ve got this amazing ability to do what you want with both feet!

De Bruyne says: “I started to train my left foot when I was a young guy – I wasn’t allowed to play with my right foot in the garden. I was shooting all the flowers and people would say: ‘You have to shoot it with your left.’ So, I just played with my left and it became more natural. I think it’s a big advantage!”

Did you watch English football growing up?

De Bruyne says: “I’ve always watched English football. My mother grew up in England, my grandfather still lives here, so it was always Match of the Day. I was doing really well in Belgium, we won the title and we played in the Champions League. But at the time we agreed that I would go to Chelsea, finish off in Genk, and then the next year I would do pre-season then go on loan somewhere!”

What was the relationship like between yourself and Jose Mourinho during your time at Chelsea?

De Bruyne says: “I would say, distant. I’m not really somebody who speaks a lot with coaches. I only spoke with him twice, that was when I wanted to leave for Dortmund at the beginning of the summer. I had to stay, so I thought I’ll get my chance. But then the second meeting I just said, for me it’s better to go. I wanted to play football!”

You were German player of the year at Wolfsburg –what drew you back to the Premier League?

De Bruyne says: “I had the option to go to Bayern Munich, PSG or City – but I felt the way that City were chasing after me, their plan with all the people coming in, and the probability of the type of football that I can play, that it would suit me the best!”

What has Pep Guardiola brought to your game?

De Bruyne says: “The mixture between keeping it easy and taking my chances. I feel more of the rhythm of the game, and I feel when I have to take the decision to go quick or to go slow. I just try everything in my power to win the game!”

De Bruyne was speaking to Football Focus. Watch on Saturday mornings on BBC One and catch-up on iPlayer!

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