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Super Movers

The Blue Peter presenter speaks Super Movers!

There's a sick new campaign underway and Radzi Chinyanganya from Blue Peter wanted to tell us all about it!

Hi Radzi! What's Super Movers all about then?

Radzi says: "Super Movers is an initiative by two giants, the BBC and the Premier League, with the aim of inspiring kids to move by virtue of song, fun and learning at the same time!"

So, why's Super Movers special for you?

Radzi says: "I’ve been involved in sport since I was a kid, whether that be karate, football, martial arts, rugby, hockey or athletics!

"At one stage I wanted to make the Winter Olympics 2014 – I’ve always loved sport! One big realisation I've had though is that not everyone loves sport! A part of that can come from feeling like it’s not for them or feeling like they’re not very good, so I wanted to find a way to be involved in something that gets kids moving without it being competitive!

"Whether you love sport or you think sport’s not for you, you will learn something, it's a break from class, it’s time to have fun and get the heart pumping! For me, it’s just a win, win, win!"

And what is Super Movers hoping to achieve?

Radzi says: "We’re starting really small and easy with the hope that long term it might leave a legacy of people wanting to be more active, having better concentration levels in class and maybe even changing a few people’s lives! Whilst that won't happen for everyone, I always work on the ethos that, if I can improve somebody’s day then it’s been worth it. If we help one kid then it’s job done!"

It's super cool that the Prem are getting involved too!

Radzi says: "It’s the best football league in the world and football’s the biggest sport in the entire world! If ten-year-old Radzi heard that the Premier League are involved, he'd say 'I want to get involved with this!'"

Radzi is an Ambassador for Super Movers, the new partnership between BBC and the Premier League. Head on over to the SUPERMOVERS WEBSITE to check out the ace videos and get moving!

Which subject are you going to use Super Movers to help you improve?


    • Which subject are you going to use Super Movers to help you improve?

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