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The former Man. United defender talks England and Lampard!

Prem legend Rio Ferdinand was on the BBC's NFL Show this weekend and had some interesting stuff to say!

He spoke about the brilliant group of English players he played internationally with, and had a reason why they didn't do as well as many expected.

Rio said: "Expectations were huge for us a national team to go out and win something. And that there is what held us back. Not being able to separate club ties to international football.”

Club rivalries at England level meant he went from friends to enemies with Frank Lampard!

"We grew up together at West Ham, then we went our separate ways. I went to Man. United and he went to Chelsea. We did everything together from 16 to 21, we roomed together, travelled together, did everything together."

"When I went to Man United and he went to Chelsea, we stopped talking. We never spoke about it, we just stopped talking."

"We didn’t hate each other but I didn’t want to give him anything that he could take back to Chelsea. I didn’t like him anymore really because he was playing for Chelsea. He was getting his hands on a trophy that I wanted. It was an obsession with winning."

"We grew apart and didn’t speak. But now we speak. He was at my birthday the other day."

Glad to hear they're both pals again!

To watch Rio on The NFL Show click HERE!

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