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Lamps is back in the classroom!

The Chelsea legend is promoting the Premier League Writing Stars poetry competition. The Prem wants YOU to write a poem on the theme of 'resilience'!

When did you have to be resilient in your career?

Frank: “We've tried to win the Champions League for eight years and then finally in 2012 we made it!”

What was your favourite school dinner treat?

Frank: “Shepherd’s pie!”

What was your favourite subject at school and why?

Frank: “History, I love history and I still read a lot of historical books!”

Which fellow player do you think would make a good schoolteacher?

Frank: “Petr Cech, he is very smart!”

Can you remember a piece of schoolwork you were particularly proud of?

Frank: “A big drawing which I drew of the Titanic!”

What was your favourite book or poem?

Frank: “Roald Dahl, ‘The BFG’!”

When you won your first cup how did you feel?

Frank: “Amazing! I remember the feeling of togetherness, it was great!”

Which Prem player would you not like to be stuck in detention with?

Frank: “None of them because it means I’ve been a bad boy, and I’m a really good boy!”

To enter, ask your teacher to register at from here they can send your poem – good luck! Deadline is 22 December!

POGBA! He's back, being Paul Pogba again – we missed him!

MORATA! Running out of time to prove he can lead the line at Chelsea!