Top World Cup banter!

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Gutierrez doesn't understand how to pack clothes, Ronnie gets a double, plus much more...

Gutierrez forgets clothes

Who forgets to pack clothes in their suitcase? Jonas Gutierrez, that's who! The Argentina winger didn't pack ANY clothing for the World Cup - he's had to borrow pants and shirts of room-mate Martin Demichelis!

Diego's firing squad

Staying with the bonkers Argentina squad - Diego Maradona's got some strange training ideas! After a recent training match, the mad gaffer ordered the losers to stand on the goalline and bend down - so the winners could batter shots at their backsides!

Eto'o's got time for everyone!

There can't be a more generous star in world footy than Samuel Eto'o. The Inter striker's bought all his Cameroon teammates a designer watch as reward for qualifying for the World Cup finals. The gesture cost him nearly £1 million!

JT's a softy!

Forget the hardman image - John Terry's a pussycat at heart! The England defender loves having romantic evenings with his wife, complete with candles and wine! Aaah!

Ronnie's double take!

Madame Tussaud's have unveiled a waxwork statue of Cristiano Ronaldo - bet he thinks he's miles better looking than the dummy!

SALAH! Scored more than anyone EVER in single 38-game season!

MOURINHO! You're being mean to players like Marcus Rashford, Jose... and we don't like it!