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Is this redesign roar-some or roar-ful?

At the moment, the England Women’s team use the same badge as the mens’ side – the classic three lions on a shirt.

In Holland, the Dutch womens’ team recently had a redesign to set their badge apart from the mens’ side!

Taking the Dutch roaring lion logo, they changed the logo to look less like a lion and more like a lioness.

The Orange Lionesses have the new badge emblazoned on their kits for the Euros and the change gave one English designer an idea.

Matt Pascoe saw the Netherlands’ design and thought it’d be great if our Lionesses had something as awesome as their Dutch rivals!

He evolved the current England badge into a very special design that he thinks would look great on future Lionesses badges!

What do you think of his redesign? Let us know in our poll!

Do you like this Lionesses badge design?


    • Do you like this Lionesses badge design?

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