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The Huddersfield boss is making plans for the Prem!

it's a big achievement!

Wagner says: "Last time this club was in the premier league was 45 years ago and not a lot of people can remember this!"

experience is not everything!

Wagner says: "Especially here in England. Experience is important but if you have passion, desire and ideas then you can match it. I’m so happy we have proven that this is possible and that we brought this fairytale to a happy ending!"

Huddersfield will be a part of the premier league!

Wagner says: "I know how much work is in front of me, there are a few calls and I will speak to Jurgen Klopp about everything that happens. Let’s give me some time to get my head around all that is in front of us first!"

Aaron Mooy was an outstanding player for us!

Wagner says: "He is the heart of our game and he is able to decelerate when necessary or accelerate the game when needed. He is so comfortable and calm on the ball and has developed his fighting attitude since he arrived."

I would like to have all of my players with me next season!

Wagner says: "But we will see what is possible. I don’t like to focus success on one player and this is a team which brought us over the line!"

This is a strong group!

Wagner says: "We created a family day, created a family area in the stadium, brought the families to a training camp in Marbella and before the play-offs brought them together to Portugal."

Ian Holloway...

Wagner says: "He was not the only pundit that thought we would be relegated. After preseason I was totally sure that we would not be in the relegation zone. I credit this to the players and the backroom staff. I know this isn’t personal and that pundits sometimes have to say something. I’m happy that he delivered me an opportunity to use this in meetings!"

It makes no sense to compare us with smaller clubs

Wagner says: "I think hat we have to be focused on ourselves, this club created an identity and this was always our target, to we create a style of football that if neutral journalists are able to say that it could be Huddersfield playing there. This club has to create its own story and I think they are on the way!"

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