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Editorial Assistant Jake was at Chelsea v Spurs on Saturday – here's what he saw!

Wembley Way!

Jake says: "I got to Wembley a couple of hours early to take in the buzz. Fans were singing, eating and having a sick time!"

Jake says: "In among the crowds, I met up with Ben Shires from CBBC Kickabout we grabbed a quick pic, did a Dele Alli handshake then I was on my way to the media entrance, taking tons of selfies along the way!"

The media lounge!

Jake says: "A lift pinged me to the media floor, where I was surrounded tonnes of journalists from top newspapers, websites and TV stations!"

Jake says: "In the media lounge I grabbed some pre-game fuel: sticky BBQ chicken and sweet potato mash – lush! I sat and ate it near Radio 1 DJ Trevor Nelson. That was a coincidence – I wasn’t following him!"

Jake says: "With a full stomach, I went to prepare to report the game – thumb stretches! On my way to my seat, former England captain and manager Stuart Pearce held the door for me!"

the game!

Jake says: "The next two hours were spent live reporting the game!"

Jake says: "At full-time I ran down what seemed like ten thousand stairs to the mixed zone. This is where the journalists stand and hope for a quick chat with some of the players!"

the mixed zone!

Jake says: "Some were too busy to stop – John Terry said that he didn’t have much to say as he hadn’t played, and ran off!"

Jake says: "Lots of top ballers stopped by though! I got some time with Toby Alderweireld, Harry Kane, Cesc Fabregas, Thibaut Courtois and Hugo Lloris!

Jake says: "I even got a snap that looked like Fabby was picking his nose – he wasn’t though, promise! Check it out up top."

Jake says: "After an ace few hours chatting, Wembley went quiet. As I left, I walked past the pitch, which was being being cooled by giant fans!"

Jake says: "It was a top day – watch the video I made HERE

POGBA! He's back, being Paul Pogba again – we missed him!

MORATA! Running out of time to prove he can lead the line at Chelsea!