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Stobbsy meets the Welsh midfielder!

What is the secret to winning the midfield battle?

Ledley says: "It’s all about tackles, headers and keeping the ball, that is the most important thing."

Which position has to be the fittest player on the pitch and why?

Ledley says: "Midfield with out a shadow of a doubt, we do all the hard work and just give the ball to the good players."

Who is your first pick in 5-a-side for Crystal Palace?

Ledley says: "On his day, Wilfried Zaha, he could beat anyone, pace, power and skills, I would pick Wilfried."

How can I keep the ball better?

Ledley says: "Keeping the ball is always thinking one step ahead before receiving the ball. If you know where the next ball is going to go, that’s going to help your decision on the ball and you are going to keep it for the team."

Would you rather play in a two or three man midfield?

Ledley says: "Three man, I think you keep the ball a little bit better and less running."

Who would be in your dream 5-a-side?

Ledley says: "Marc-André ter Stegen, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi."

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