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We talk tekkers with Billy & Jez!

Hi lads! What was it like writing your own book?

Billy says: "It was incredible. We've probably changed the book about seven times because we kept thinking of something new!''

Jez says: "It's all about our journey and how we got to where we are as freestylers. We both tell stories that we've never told before. I learnt loads of wicked new stuff about Billy from reading it!''

What's the best thing about it?

Billy says: "It's interactive - it's got an app that you download with it that shows you loads of new videos. I've never seen that before with a book!''

Jez says: "It's about positivity. If kids read it and it lifts their confidence -- either in the classroom or on the pitch - then it's done its job for me!''

If you could only shoot ONE more video, what would it be?

Billy says: "It's got to be with Ronaldinho at the Nou Camp! He's the absolute king when it comes to tekkers and tricks!''

Jez says: "We'd have to cover all angles and get people like Justin Bieber, the American president Barack Obama and loads of other big celebrity names!''

How good were your tekkers when you were ten year olds?

Jez says: "I remember my keepy up record was 572. I kept track of it every year. The year before it was 365 and when I was eight years old it was like 80!''

Billy says: "I didn't even play for a team at that age. Most of our fans are probably better now than I was at ten years old, so they have to remember that everyone has to start somewhere and they can get there!''

You've made wicked videos, have a clothing range and now a book! What's next?

Billy says: "We've got a TV show coming out in America, we're going out to film it this month. And now there's the book, we're really proud of it - it's a big achievement for us!''

The F2 World of Football book is out now – get it on your Christmas list!




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