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Tom Heaton speaks exclusively to Match of the Day!

YOU'RE HOLDING LOADS OF GLOVES THERE TOM, can you remember the first ever pair you had?

Tom says: "I can! My first were a pair of red and green Sondico! I got those when I was about eight or nine. You always remember your first pair of gloves, and they stick out in my mind."

what about the first time you ever went in goal?

Tom says: "I can actually. There was a lad in my village who played in goal for the Cub Scouts. I don't think he wanted to play in goal anymore. He said to me that if I wanted to make it in professional football, only one person plays in goal so there's a better chance of making it! For some strange reason, I seemed to buy into that! I decided to give it a go, and loved it."

Were you good straight away?

Tom says: "I think I was ok, I quite enjoyed making a few saves and you build from there really. So I think it was more the fact that I enjoyed it in goal rather than being particularly good immediately."

Could you suggest some drills for young players to try to help them become better ‘sweeper-keepers’?

Tom says: "Get someone to pass the ball into you, take a touch and clip the ball into that full-back position, it’s a useful drill to look into doing regularly."

You’re Burnley's captain, is it tricky being in goal and captaining?

Tom says: "It brings a few different challenges. I’ve always tried to be vocal on the pitch. Fortunately in our squad we have quite a few voices which can carry us, I try and have a voice in the dressing room and in training during the week and in games when it’s necessary but we try and have a few leaders out there."

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