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We met the Prem legend!

After a dodgy start to his Arsenal career at home to West Ham, Petr Cech showed everyone why Arsene Wenger was desperate to bring him to The Emirates with a string of world class saves and a clean sheet at home to Liverpool!

Do you think Mourinho and Wenger are similar managers?

Petr says: “Neither of them wants to lose. It's easy to speak about Jose, but difficult to speak about Mr Wenger as I haven't worked with him much. But I’ve been very impressed so far!”

You can speak to your new manager in French, right?

Petr says: “I can, yes! I speak five languages, which makes it easier when you join a new team – to settle quicker. People need to be careful around me, though – I can understand everything!''

People have said you can win Arsenal the title how does that feel?

Petr says: “It makes me feel very good, but also creates pressure, as everyone has big expectations. But I like this. Football is about challenges and I want to prove those people right!”

You've been at Arsenal a couple of months now are you still excited?

Petr says: “I am. It's a new chapter in my career – and in my life. The last one I had with Chelsea was amazing so I hope the Arsenal adventure will be as successful as the Chelsea one!”

You're a Prem legend now, but what was the young Petr like?

Petr says: “I was sports mad – football mad. I knew I had to be good at school so I could play football in my free time. I would go straight out after school and play with my friends!”

Finally, what's your predicted finish for Arsenal this season?

Petr says: “I don't like to say – but I hope we're going to win enough games to be top. I think it's possible. The team had a great season last year – that is a platform to build on!”



GUARDIOLA! Back to back Prem titles – top notch!

KLOPP! You don't really suck, Jurgen! But it sucks you got 97 points and didn't win the league!