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England keeper Karen Bardsley speaks to MOTD ahead of crunch tie with Norway!

The team has been waiting a long time for this World Cup - has it lived up to the hype?

Karen says: "Yeah, sure. It’s been terrific. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been really, really exciting, I think. The Colombia game was really the icing on the cake for me personally. I managed to put some stuff behind me and we made it work when we had to!"

What mark would you give England's performances so far?

Karen says: "The team has been phenomenal. We’ve built on every single performance and they’ve improved massively from game to game. We've done everything the gaffer’s asked us to do. In terms of the Colombia performance I’d probably put a big A up there!”

Was the save you made just before half-time against Colombia your biggest ever?

Karen says: "In terms of what it meant, yes! We could feel a big momentum shift as we went into the changing rooms and, as we came out for the second half, there was no doubt we were going to win!"

Are you aware of the support from back home?

Karen says: "I put myself on a bit of a media ban if I'm honest! Just to limit distraction, really. You have to create your own little bubble and only hear what you think is going to be useful."

How have you stayed relaxed under so much pressure?

Karen says: "I think it's important for us to be human! It can be a bit stifling if you're trapped in a hotel 24/7, it's almost like being caged up. So it's really nice that we're able to get out and see a few sights. I'm sitting here in a park now in Ottawa talking to you, and it's absolutely gorgeous!"

Which England player really has the star power to inspire future generations?

Karen says: "We had Gazza-mania and Kaz Carney has come in for us and scored two cracking goals, so there's Kazza-mania right there for you! Fran Kirby has been a big one for us too. She's a great player and a great person for kids to look up to."

If things go well, do you think Premier League clubs will come calling for Mark Sampson?

Karen says: "That's not really for me to say. I think he's capable of doing any job he's asked to do - he's very diligent. You never know! He's an excellent team-builder and he's done a great job at bringing us together as a more unified team. He'll be sticking around a while yet I hope!"

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