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Check out this week's epic football freestyler!

How old are you and who do you support?

John says: “I’m 29 and I support Man. United!”

How did you get into freestyle?

John says: “I was always mad on football but in 2003 I attended a national freestyle event in Manchester and was instantly inspired to start, at the time I could do some basic juggling but what I saw that day just blew me away, I said to myself ‘This is what I want to do,’ it was so cool!”

What’s your favourite trick / skill?

John says: “I would stay the hardest trick I’ve done is back heeling the ball up into the air, doing a back flip and then catching it again. It was very challenging but I felt great after achieving it – I’ve never seen anyone do it before!”

Have you ever freestyled anywhere special?

John says: “I’ve been very lucky to travel the world as a freestyler, I was recently in Egypt so I freestyled in front of the Pyramids, I’ve also performed at a World Cup Final and a Champions League Final. It was also cool to be involved with the FA Cup this year with Farnworth the Mascot for MOTD Kickabout on CBBC – we have created the first ever football freestyling mascot!”

Why should people freestyle?

John says: “It helps your control on the ball, your confidence, whether on your own or in a team, and of course your fitness. The best thing is there are no limits at all!”

How often do you practice your skills?

John says: “Everyday, even if its only for a short amount of time. I always have a ball with me so I’m ready to go!”

What’s your keepy uppy record?

John says: “I think my record would be when I kept a ball up and completed the London Marathon, so around 80-90,000 touches over 12 hours. It was a long day!”

What are your top tips for budding freestylers?

John says: “Practice as much as you can, I find that a small amount of training done everyday is better than one big training session a week as it gives you consistency. Also don’t be afraid of creating your own tricks, think outside of the box and create your own style, it’s amazing what you can achieve!”

Suggest which one of your videos we should use on and tell us a little bit about it!

John says: “The video I have chosen to show you guys is THIS ONE! I think shows my way of freestyling. I always look to do different things with the ball and the environment around me and be as creative as possible, I hope that you all enjoy!”

Any exciting events OR videos in the pipeline?

John says: “Yeah, I’ve just filmed a new Clip with Neymar Jr which should be out soon and will show some moves that I’ve not shown before so watch this space!”

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