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Check out this week's epic football freestyler!

How old are you and who do you support?

Dan says: “I'm 31 and I support Liverpool!”

How did you get into freestyle?

Dan says: “I always wanted to be a footballer and enjoyed practicing skills. In the end, the skills took over from the regular playing!”

What's your favourite trick/skill?

Dan says: “The Top Head Stall.”

Have you ever freestyled anywhere special?

Dan says: “I've freestyled in some amazing places but two really stick out in my mind; I performed a half time show during the opening game of the new Wembley Stadium. I also did show in front of 100,000 fans in South Africa at the Soweto Derby: Kaiser Chiefs v Orlando Pirates!”

How many takes do you need for a typical video?

Dan says: “One. I'm a one-take specialist ;-)”

Why should people freestyle?

Dan says: “It keeps you active, it's fun and helps with your co-ordination. You can do whatever you want to - there are no boundaries!”

What's your keepy uppy record?

Dan says: “I'm the Guinness World keepy-uppy Champion. In 2010 I kept a ball up for 26 hours in a shopping mall in Hong Kong! People gave up counting after the first hour so I have no idea how many touches it actually was!”

What are your top tips for budding freestylers?

Dan says: “Before you start learning tricks, perfect ball control (keepy-uppys).”

Which freestylers should we keep an eye out for?

Dan says: “Brandon Thompson.”

Do you play 11-a-side?

Dan says: “Every now and again when my manager lets me! He worries about me getting injured!”

Suggest which one of your videos we should use on and tell us a little bit about it!

Dan says: “As well as being a freestyler I really like to entertain crowds which is why I chose THIS video. It really shows how much fun you can have with a football!”

JOTA! Hit a hatters at home to Leicester, including an injury time winner!

SPEROINI! Came in from the cold to play for Palace at Anfield and had a bit of a mare!