Meet the Freestylers: The PK17 Twins!

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Check out this week’s epic football freestylers!

Who are the PK17 Twins?

Sammy says: "We are twin brothers from Kent who run a successful YouTube Football Channel, showcasing our freestyle skills to the football community!"

Why did you decide to call yourselves PK17?

Sammy says: “PK17 stands for 'PredatorKnuckles17’. The name was inspired by our favourite boots: Adidas Predators, our type of freestyle: knuckle freekicks, and the age we started: 17."

When did you start freestyling?

Sammy says: "When we both stopped playing competitively at the age of 17 we wanted to continue our love of football so we began to develop our shooting skills. With Charlie being a goalkeeper it was perfect for myself to master the knuckleball freekick – our own unique take on freestyling."

Why do you focus more on shooting techniques rather than tricks and flicks?

Sammy says: “We enjoy it more, it’s our main strength. We love the idea of capturing goals on camera and being able to watch them back – similar to pundits on Match of the Day!”

What’s the best trick you’ve ever performed?

Sammy says: "Our infamous 'Real or Fake' goal! It’s is one of our craziest knuckleball freekicks to date – you need to see it to believe it!"

We’ve seen it! Can you confirm it’s definitely real?

Sammy says: "I can confirm it is 100% REAL! We decided to call the goal 'Real or Fake' as it brought up so much debate on social media! We were so pleased we caught it on camera – to score a goal like that seems too good to be real, and that can only be taken as a compliment."

Have you ever freestyled anywhere special?

Sammy says: "Last year we filmed with Sky Sports, performing our Knuckleball Freekick Tutorial at Maidstone United’s Gallagher Stadium with UK Freestyler Dan Magness!"

How often do you practice your skills?

Sammy says: "Every possible opportunity when the weather is good and pitches are available – we can't wait to get out to practice and film more this summer!"

What are your tips for budding freestylers?

Sammy says: "Keep doing what you enjoy! Work hard and get your name out there. We love featuring other people's freestyle skills in our weekly 'Favourite '5'ives' Series so send us your best skills!”

What gear do you wear when freestyling?

Sammy says: "We're all in with Adidas! Adidas UK support our work and provide us with the latest gear to wear in our videos!"

Who are your favourite players?

Charlie says: "Antonio Candreva, a winger who plays for Lazio and Italy!"

Sammy says: "Everton Ribeiro, an attacker who plays for Brazil and Al-Ahli Dubai!"

Suggest which one of your videos we should use on and tell us a little bit about it!

Sammy says: "Take a look at THIS highlights video that we made especially for! There’s a few INSANE knuckleball freekicks, a short clip of us interviewing Lukasz Fabianski and loads more from the PK17 Twins!"



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