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We caught up with the Premier League legend on World Book Day to talk books, Barca and his best mates at City!

So Frank, you’re an author now - which Barcelona star would you love to write into one of your books?

Frank says: “I have a soft spot for Messi from playing against him over the years, and I think he’s the greatest player of all time, so I’d have to say him. He’s an incredible player - he could be some kind of superman in one of my books, like Roy of the Rovers! I’d change his name slightly, but you’d know it was Messi!”

Who do you get on best with at City?

Frank says: “I get on with everyone but David Silva is a fantastic bloke. I’ve loved him as a footballer from afar, but when you meet him you realise how humble and normal he is.”

Tell us what Aguero’s really like…

Frank says: “Football comes easy to him – he just bounces into training without a care in the world, then plays like a genius. I’m intense about my football and if I have a bad day I can get quite upset, so it’s always nice to see someone like Sergio, who also has bad days but just smiles it away!”

If you could write your own ending to this season – what would it read like?

Frank says: “I’d like to play more minutes and games – that would be a start! Football is not always about fairytales, but my career as a whole has been a fairytale. I never dreamed I’d get to win the Champions League with Chelsea and play for my country over 100 times. I’m pretty happy with that!”

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