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Columbia left-back Pablo Armero explains all about THAT celebration.

You've all seen it by now - the cheeky little wiggle of the hips, the jazz hands, the mile-wide smile. Pablo Armero's dance routine is the talk of the town!

The left-back first brought his moves onto the world stage when he gave Columbia the lead in their 3-0 victory against Greece in the group stages, but it turns he got the inspiration from another World Cup superstar way back in 2010!

"My Palmeiras team were playing Santos," Armero told "They took the lead with Neymar, Robinho and Ganso celebrating the goals by doing a little dance."

"But then we equalised… and we started to dance too. The opposition fans were shouting at us, but when they saw I was dancing they started to laugh."

So it all started with Neymar! Forget penalties, if Columbia v Brazil finishes all square on Friday, we reckon that quarter-final should be decided by a dance off!

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