World Cup hero No.21: Miroslav Klose

In: World Cup

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No-one knows how he does it, but he keeps scoring!

We were going to write about midfield legend Bastian Schweinsteiger, but we've already had him, so let's talk about Germany's other hero... Miroslav Klose!

Klose could hardly get a game at Bayern Munich last season, and when he did play, he was about as deadly as Emile Heskey.

But when the World Cup comes round, Klose transforms from a donkey into a deadly predator!

The veteran striker now has 14 World Cup goals, one behind the all-time record. We wouldn't bet against him rewriting history before this tournament is out!

We love him because... Klose doesn't have pace, he's not especially powerful and he's no more skilful than Peter Crouch. But somehow, he keeps on scoring!

SALAH! Scored more than anyone EVER in single 38-game season!

MOURINHO! You're being mean to players like Marcus Rashford, Jose... and we don't like it!