England World Cup revelations

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The fall-out continues from England’s World Cup exit, and here’s some of the crazy news we’ve heard this week!

Fab’s flippin’ furious!

Watch out, folks – Fabio Capello’s angry! The Italian says he’s furious about England’s disappointing World Cup campaign. Now he’s on a mission to put it right!

Postman Patello!

But we don’t think the England players will be quaking with fear around their angry gaffer - they don’t think he’s that frightening! We hear the players called Capello Postman Pat behind his back at the World Cup, because he looks like the well-old TV character!

Pasta their best!

But the England players weren’t laughing when they saw the meals Capello’s cooks prepared for them at the training camp. Apparently the England chef gave them loads of pasta to eat in Rustenburg, and one player apparently hated it!

‘Arry’s Wazza diss!

The players may have eaten the healthiest foods around, but they played as if they’d had a full Pizza Hut buffet just before the game! Wayne Rooney was particularly sluggish - Harry Redknapp reckons that, based on Wazza’s World Cup displays, he’s not worth £1.5 million!

Psychic octopus dooms Lions!

Maybe England were powerless to stop their World Cup exit – it had already been predicted by a psychic octopus! Staff at a German zoo have made an octopus called Paul predict the outcome of Germany’s matches… and he’s got all four of their World Cup games right so far, including their win over England!

AGUERO! Rescued City from defeat at Swansea in the FA Cup and kept the quadruple dream alive!

DAVID MARTIN! Big mistake in the final minutes of Millwall's FA Cup quarter final v Brighton!