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Classic Interviews: Adam Johnson!

Bez 24th April 2018

Adam, who has got the worst fashion at Man. City?

Adam says: “Everyone saw the hat Mario Balotelli wore the other day! It was obviously strange, but that’s just him. He likes to get all the attention and he thrives on that. He’s got a reputation here for wearing bright clothes, the hat’s the worst thing he’s worn so far but I think he’s got a few more in his wardrobe to look forward to!"

Who's the greediest player at the club?

Adam says: “The lads would probably say I’m the biggest hogger to be honest! I’m trying to think of someone else but apart from me, no one stands out!”

Have players like David Silva settled in to life in England now?

Adam says: “David Silva’s changed in the last couple of months – he’s settled in and his English has started to get better. The first thing he learned to say in English was: ‘It’s cold here!’”

Is it true you're mates with Take That hero Robbie Williams?

Adam says: “He’s my most famous mate – I went to LA last summer and ended up playing five-a-side at his house in Hollywood, so that’s how I know him!”

This interview first appeared in Match of the Day magazine in January 2011

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